Small group and family Adventures

Guided trips in Nepal and Vietnam, SCUBA certification, dive vacations, CPR and first aid certification, natural history education, guided hikes, and travel consulting to plan your own trip–around Tahoe and around the world…

Nepal Trips

We offer guided treks and cultural tours as well as consulting services to help set up your own adventure.

CPR and First Aid Certification

For individuals, small groups, schools, and professional first responders.

SCUBA Certification & Dive Vacations

We offer full NAUI certification OR referral training so you can get your pool and classroom dives done before you head off to finish your open water training in some tropical location. We also coordinate trips combined with dive training so you can advance your skills while on vacation.

Vietnam Tours

We plan customized tours for families and small groups. You'll be treated like family because you'll be guided by our family in Vietnam.

Why Nepal and Vietnam?

Because we love those two countries the most in all our travels! We have close family and business contacts in both countries and we have successfully guided many groups there.

What You Get

Experience. We’ve done the research and suffered all the exploratory hassles so you get a seamless, quality adventure.