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“I was traveling with my 11-year-old son and it was his first trip to Southeast Asia. It changed his life, literally… In short, it’s a trip I still look back on with great appreciation that I took a little leap of faith and am glad I did. Continued thanks to Derek and Hien.”

– Karen Rhein – Berkeley, CA

Upcoming TRIPS

Nepal Tour & Everest Trek

Learn about Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sherpa culture while trekking on the roof of the world.

Fiji Diving Adventure

Travel to one of the world's best diving destinations and advance your SCUBA credentials.

SCUBA Certification and diving vacations

We can certify you in Lake Tahoe or just get your training going with pool and classroom training. You can complete your open water training with any instructor anywhere in the world!

Natural History and rescuer education

In the Truckee-Tahoe area, we offer CPR and First Aid certification courses and interpretive hikes for those who want to learn more about local natural history.

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